In Home Protective Services (IHPS)

IHPS is all about making sure at-risk children are safe and well cared for. Timely help, support, and parenting education can save families — and IHPS caseworkers work hard to make sure parents have the information and coaching they need to raise their children successfully.

Through In Home Protective Services (IHPS), Family Support Services provides comprehensive, home-based, services to families with children living at home. IHPS handles high-acuity caseloads referred by DHS.

There are two In Home Protective Services (IHPS) divisions — IHPS General and IHPS-CI for Cognitively Impaired children and/or parents/caregivers. FSS is the only agency DHS elected to deliver IHPS-CI in Philadelphia.

When initiating IHPS service delivery, Family Support Services’ IHPS case managers and social workers begin by identifying a family’s strengths and weaknesses as they address all established or emerging safety threats. They then work to develop families’ collaborative relationships with community resources to ensure that children get the medical, academic, social or emotional help they need. They serve as role models and demonstrate appropriate parenting skills with respect to household management/budgeting, the setting of daily routines, and positive discipline.

Our staff delivers practical parenting information on limit-setting, mealtime needs, literacy, age-appropriate behavior expectations, and child development. Parents are counseled, coached, and taught how to advocate for the health, safety and well-being of their children. Our workers also help families support their children in school, access health care, locate parenting support groups, and enroll in housing assistance programs, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), and Social Security Insurance (SSI). They also connect them with resources for food, clothing, drug/behavioral health treatment, child care, and Early Intervention services when needed.

Strong linkages with numerous community resources are integral to the success of IHPS service, and the program works to reduce social isolation, and build healthy supportive relationships within each family’s environment. As service is concluded care is taken to ensure the family will be able to function successfully on its own thereafter.

To contact FSS’s IHPS programs please email or call 215-471-3351.