Child Welfare Division

Family Support Services (FSS) programs are designed to help parents be as effective and nurturing as possible, in the face of challenges such as prior trauma, a history of neglect or abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, poverty, inadequate housing, or lack of social support.

Being a parent, even under the best circumstances, can be a difficult job.  As a child’s first teacher, a parent lays groundwork for the future during the infant and toddler years. Later in life, a child’s ability to learn, and his or her emotional health, is strongly tied to a parent’s skills.

In our Child Welfare Division, we offer the following programs: Family Empowerment Services and Family School.

For more information about our Child Welfare services, please contact or call (267)546-3000

To support these essential services and make a difference in the lives of our families, contact or call (610) 352-7610.