If you have any questions regarding a donation, please contact Channey Roberts at 610-924-6055.
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We think children and families are important. By investing in children today, you can help us build our children’s future. It is your generosity and belief in our mission that enables us focus on the parenting education and early intervention programs that are so necessary, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.

Join us by making an individual donation through our secure online system at the link below.

Online Donation


Our website is now accepting recurring and one-time payments.

Please create a new account as previous account information is no longer available.  

Recurring payments will be processed on the 1st of each month.

Thank you for you patience during our website upgrade. 

To give through United Way, select Donor choice #443.

Foundations – FSS has partnered with foundations to implement new programs and secured foundation funding for ongoing Child Welfare and Early Intervention programs.  Contact for more information.

Schools – Your school can participate in our Service and Volunteer Program with a service project. Contact for more information.

How To Make A Donation With Our Online System
1) Proceed to the online donation page and input the dollar amount of your donation. The minimum amount if $5.
2) Select which program to apply your donation.
3) Select whether this is a one time donation or a reoccurring monthly donation. For reoccurring donations, please select the timespan between two and nine months.
Note: Multiple one time donations can be processed together at the same time, but reoccurring donations must be processed individually.
4) Click the continue button. You will receive a message that your item has been successfully added to cart. Please scroll down to review your donation summary and then click the “Make Payment” button to proceed to our secure checkout page.
5) If you are a first time user, skip to step 6. If you are a returning customer, you can login with your username (email) and password. All your previously saved address and billing information will load. Click the submit button and you will be shown a message that your donation was processed successfully, plus receive a receipt via email.
6) First time users must enter full billing address and payment information. Your username will be your email address that you input. Select the “Create Account” checkbox, enter a password, and then confirm the password in the second box. Review the information you’ve entered and click the Submit button at the bottom. You will be shown a message that your donation was processed successfully, plus receive a receipt via email.
7) You will be able to access your account information anytime by logging in through the “My Account” link, located below in the footer. Here you can review your donations, modify monthly donation subscriptions, edit your billing address, and change your password.