Family Empowerment Services

Family Empowerment Services (FES) is a home visiting prevention program which provides timely parenting assistance for families with children ages 0-17. This program offers assistance to parents  and children; providing information and support in all areas of parenting, including: child development, family assessment, child safety, and the coordination of services with healthcare providers and community support programs.

FSS reaches out with targeted social work support to help these families before they are in crisis, preventing any occurrences of abuse/neglect. FES connects families to community based services that assist them in the development of secure networks of support that will help them in times of need. Additionally, FES works with parents & community partners to prevent continued truancy for children in grades K-3.

The program is part of a city-wide initiative to provide parenting assistance and advice to families with young children. Our goal is to mediate and address parenting problems early, so families do not have to be involved with the child protective service system later.

FES is primarily funded by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Community-Based Prevention Services.

For more information about this program or to refer a family, please email