Family Support Services believes children matter. That’s why we’ve been creating Philadelphia-area programs that meet the needs of young children and families since 1976.

Through early intervention services, early childhood education, parenting education and support programs, suburban School-Based Child Care, and preschool programs, Family Support Services (FSS) helps about 2,000 children and their parents each year.

Helping them today will make their lives more successful tomorrow.

FSS is a program-driven agency. We build programs that address children’s needs and parent’s challenges. By delivering key services to children at an early age and building parental capacity, we believe we can help families achieve better futures.

Our Mission 
Family Support Services’ mission is to strengthen families in our community.

Our Focus and Philosophy
Family Support Services uses education and social support to identify and meet the needs of children, birth to age five, who are at risk of child abuse or neglect or who have been identified with developmental delays.

FSS believes that all families with young children can use support. As such, FSS offers high quality preschool services in Philadelphia, plus kindergarten extended day programs and childcare programming in two suburban elementary school districts.

All FSS programs use education to build family capacity. Through quality parenting support services, educational programming, social work services, and early intervention therapy, FSS hopes to have a lasting positive impact on children and their parents/guardians.