Family Support Services (FSS) has benefited from the support of many talented volunteers since its inception in 1976. We partner with community, school, university, and corporate organizations, as well as individuals, to develop meaningful internships, work-study opportunities, and in-kind gift programs for families who need extra resources.

Student Interns — Family Support Services works with various schools, colleges, and universities in providing supervised graduate and undergraduate student internships, most frequently in social work, nursing, parenting education, early childhood education and special education. For more information, please send an e-mail to our administrative offices at info@fssinc.org.

Long-term Volunteer Commitments — FSS’ center-based children’s programs welcome volunteers who are able to make a regular and sustained commitment to working with young children on-site. For more information please email our administrative offices at info@fssinc.org.  For a list of volunteer positions, check out our Jobs page.

Volunteer Projects – Each year, Thanksgiving and holiday volunteers have collected thousands of meals and gifts which are delivered to families enrolled in FSS programs. FSS also collects in-kind gifts of toys, infant supplies, books, clothing, or equipment for distribution to families who need them. Our technology fund has been the grateful recipient of computers from individuals and corporations, and our administrative offices and sites have benefited from donated furnishings and other key equipment. Our Chestnut Street and Family School sites have been brightened by murals created by schools and individual artists.

Volunteer groups can contribute to holiday food and children’s gift or clothing drives, sponsor an event, and participate in fundraising. If you are interested in developing a volunteer project please email the Development office at development@fssinc.org.

The FSS Service and Volunteer Program offers opportunities for school and college students to perform community service, and do internships, project work, and job shadowing. Programs vary in complexity, depending on the school’s objective. Students have previously done birthday gift, toy, clothing and food drives as well as service projects (painting, uniform collection) for Martin Luther King Day. Collected items are distributed to children and families by FSS social workers, or made use of in designated program sites. Volunteer interns have worked in classrooms, assisted teachers, or provided nursing assistance. For more information, please email FSS at development@fssinc.org.